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Issue #190 resolved
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There is no way to disable the confirmation dialog, which is a useless user excise tax.

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  1. dump247

    I've only started using Mercurial and tortoisehg within the last few months. I haven't even started complaining yet :) It's only mildly irritating as you just have to hit enter. However, confirmation dialogs are generally pointless exercises IMHO.

  2. Anonymous

    Going on 4 months with no fix and no "alternative fix". I fail to see how NOT showing a confirmation dialog is such a major deal - it's low hanging fruit/broken windows level. Be amused about the hgtk client which we're obviously not using.

  3. Yuya Nishihara

    This dialog is mandatory for now because the current push target is invisible and it can be easily mis-selected.

    We are trying to make it visible on toolbar. Once it's implemented, IMHO, this dialog can be optionally disabled.

  4. Yuya Nishihara

    sync: add option to push without confirmation dialog (closes #190)

    Now push target is always visible in toolbar or sync widget, it's safe to allow pushing without confirmation.

    This patch is based on the one by Arialdo Martini arialdo.martini@yoox.com, but I reversed the logic of confirmpush value in order to make it look like the other confirm-xxx options.

    Instead of several confirm=Nones, pushclicked() should provide it by default. But this patch doesn't change the API to avoid possible breakage.

    → <<cset 6ab8057bdc93>>

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