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Issue #1927 resolved

Filter Out By Active Branch By Default

Ashkan Aliabadi
created an issue

Opening a repository in the workbench does not filter out by the current active branch of the working copy by default. This is very frustrating as a repository may, and in my experience usually does, have many active branches in flight at a given point in time, and having to manually hunt down for the active branch of the local working copy in the filter toolbar is tiresome at best. It would be great if switching between the two modes ("show all" / "show current branch") could have been facilitated in the GUI, or even better, the workbench was filtered out by the current branch by default, as by definition, the current branch is where most of a programmer's time is spent.

At last, I wanted to take the time to thank you for all your efforts. You are doing the community of software developers a great service. Your efforts are very much appreciated! Thank you!

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