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Issue #1931 invalid

postreview plugin: 'outgoing' object is not iterable

Gia Bảo
created an issue

Hi (Mikey),

I use thg 2.4 (hg 2.2.1, python 2.7.3, PyQt 4.9.1, Qt 4.8.1 on Fedora 17) with redmine_code_review rev:c99bb7520fec https://bitbucket.org/haru_iida/redmine_code_review/changeset/c99bb7520fec

In Review Board dialog, when click "Post Review" button, I see the following error (open in an Error dialog):


postreview plugin, version 4.1.0

searching for changes

'outgoing' object is not iterable


Note: I run "hg postreview" from command line => success (a draft review request is created successfully)

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