dialog "confirm add" for adding files is useless if largefiles is enabled

Issue #1954 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

I have a new file added to my local repository´s workspace, which matches my defined largefile-pattern or size. This file i want to add by select (check) it in tortoiseHg and doing a commit. This causes the dialog, which ask me, if i really want to add the new file. After i confirm this, another dialog is appearing, which let me choose, if want to add the file as normal file or as large file. Independently of the choice i make, the file will be added correctly as a large file, which means a standin will be created in .hglf-folder.

Because of this i think this dialog is unnecessary. So it would be better to prevent the appearance of this senseless dialog.

A second point for the removal of this dialog is, that the coverage of the impact isn´t clear. It should be clearly illustrated, that all files matching largefile-specifications will be treated as largefile without exception. This dialog gives the illusion, this could be treated differently for individual files.

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