Automatically delete empty shelves

Issue #1955 wontfix
Mo Cassidy
created an issue

Whenever I unshelve something in the shelve dialog, I follow a fairly standard sequence of actions: Click "Move all files left" Click "Delete" * Click "Yes" on the confirm dialog.

If I don't do this, I end up with a dozen empty shelves in the dropdown. I can't imagine any exception occurring where someone wants to keep an empty shelve, especially when recreating it is as simple as clicking one of the "Move {something} right" buttons. Therefore, I think Tortoise should automatically carry out this housekeeping work.

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  1. Mo Cassidy reporter

    Okay, I could've sworn I'd seen the "Shelf:" dropdown polluted with many automatically generated shelves at some point, which is why I started deleting them myself after each use, but since your comment, I've been no longer deleting them, and watching to see if it grew into a mess of shelves, but I haven't seen more than one shelf per repo anywhere.

    I guess I was hallucinating, and this ticket can be closed.


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