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Issue #1985 resolved

Workbench: closing a branch commits changed but unselected files

Ian Kemp
created an issue

Create a new branch in a repository containing files. Update your repo to this branch.

Modify an existing file on this branch.

Open Workbench. In the Commit view, ensure the file you modified is unchecked, i.e. should not be committed.

Click the Branch button in the commit view and select the "Close current branch" option.

Commit the changeset.

Expected result: Branch is closed without any file changes

Actual result: Branch is closed and the changed file becomes part of the commit

Reproducible: Always

Comments (4)

  1. Steve Borho

    commit: exclude all files on new/close branch if no file selected (fixes #1985)

    Commit widget allows branch operation with no file selected, but Mercurial interpret it as "commit all files". This patch avoids it by excluding all files, which is the same hack as mqNewRefreshCommand().


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