Source tarball misses several python files

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Willem Willem
created an issue

The tarball for 2.0 published at misses several python files in the i18n directory. As a result I can not build from source using that tarball, even though it works fine when cloning the TortoiseHg mercurial repository, updating to the 2.0 tag and running thg from that repository.

Traceback I get from the tarball:

{{{ Traceback (most recent call last): File "./thg", line 33, in <module> from setup import build_qt File "/home/willemv/Downloads/tortoisehg-2.0/", line 24, in <module> from i18n.msgfmt import Msgfmt ImportError: No module named i18n.msgfmt }}}

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  1. Willem Willem reporter

    Like mentioned in the original report, cloning the original thg repo works just fine. Reading the mentioned wiki page though, the source tarball should still be usable by the distributions, which it currently isn't due to the missing files.

  2. Anonymous

    Steve, I'm concerned and dismayed by this attitude to the tarballs. Source tarballs remain the primary means by which distributions consume projects for packaging, and should not be neglected.

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