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In thg 2.0 kdiff3.exe can no longer be found when called from a batch file. It used to be in the search path (via the PATH environment variable).

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  1. Steve Borho

    This isn't going to change. Kdiff3 is now dynamically linked so it uses the same Qt DLLs as the rest of TortoiseHg, and I'm not going to add that root folder to the %PATH%.

  2. Steve Borho

    wix: drop bin/ folder, add root install folder to %PATH%

    There's been a lot of blow back about the batch files and bin folder, the most serious of which is that batch files break other batch files so for Mercurial 1.8.1 we'll go back to placing the root folder in the %PATH%.

    My hope is that the DLL conflicts we saw in the past were mostly caused by GTK. We'll see which way inflicts more pain.

    Refs #60, #201, #239 and Mercurial issues 2658 and 2673


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