THG filter toolbar: searches without result are not added to search history

Issue #2020 resolved
Christian Feuersaenger
created an issue

Motivation: I am making intensive use of the filter toolbar in THG, working on a huge repository with LOTS of changesets and often 25 concurrent branches.

On such a repo, the query takes - say - 5 seconds before it returns. That is acceptable in general.

However, it happens that I make a typo or that no results are returned (for whatever reason). In such a case, THG reports that it did not find results (which is expected).

PROBLEM: it does not insert the statement into the search history - and I have to retype it from scratch.

My current work-around is to copy-paste each query before I hit enter - such that I can restore it in case of "no results found".

Feature request: It would be great if THG would automatically restore the unsuccessful query such that I can modify it.

I understand that you may not want it in the search history - and that might be a good idea, actually. Perhaps it is sufficient to reinsert it after returning from the query?

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