Setting "default push" to branch no longer works properly

Issue #2022 resolved
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Going into


and setting "default push" to "branch" used to ensure that only the branch that the user is currently updated to gets pushed. This setting does not appear to work any more. The entire tree gets pushed, no matter what "default push" is set to.

In testing this problem, I have verified that "default push" is set to "branch" for both the user's global options as well as the local repository's options, so as to make sure that the setting isn't being overridden, but to no avail.

I have further verified that pushing a branch works correctly when using the command line, and pushing a branch can still be accomplished using the "target" option on the synchronize screen within tortoise.

I have noticed this behavior in 2.4.1 as well.

This is a minor bug, but I got a nasty surprise when one of our developers had unknowingly pushed his entire tree, with all of his local development/sandbox/playground branches, to our central repository and other developers began pulling all of these branches into their own repositories.

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