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Issue #2026 invalid

Workbench hangs when trying to view changes of specific file

Heiko Schmitt
created an issue

First of all, thanks for this great VCS :)

I have one source file which keeps freezing the Workbench window, if I click on it in the "changed files" list. It even happens with an empty new repository, with just this one file inside the folder.

I attached the offending file for you to debug.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create fresh repostory somewhere

  2. Copy attached file into respository folder

  3. Open workbench

  4. Click on "ContentManager.cs" in file list

  5. Workbench freezes

Greetings, Heiko

Notes: 1. I am able to commit using commandline, and able to commit using the workbench. Just viewing its content keeps freezing the Workbench.

2. This bug happens since a long time already, not just the latest release.

Comments (8)

  1. Eduard-Cristian Stefan

    I guess that the code highlighting of the diff is responsible for the very long delay. abc1.cs and abc1.txt have identical content, but the diff for abc1.cs is shown only after a few seconds, while the diffs for abc1.txt and abc2.cs are shown without any delay.

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