Always push to default (or ability to make targets read-only)

Issue #2033 resolved
Sebastian Krysmanski
created an issue

Please make the "Push" (and "Pull", "Outgoing", "Incoming") buttons in the THG Workbench toolbar use the "default" repository, and not the one selected in the "Synchronize" view.

I have a lot repositories that pull (and only pull) from other repositories (beside the "default" repository). Now, when my last operation was to pull from such a non-default repository, and I forget to change the selection back to the default repository in the "Synchronize" view, the next time I hit the "Push" button (usually from the "Commit" view) I push accidentally to the non-default repository instead of the default one.

Alternative ideas: Add the ability to mark certain repositories (in the "Synchronize" view) "read-only" to avoid accidental pushes to them. Give the user a dialog before pushing where he/she can select the repository (URL) to be used.

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  1. Uwe Raabe

    I would like to have this addressed, too. Sometimes you don't look or just misread the repository name shown when hitting Push and some changesets go where they don't belong to. I try to use the Incoming and Outgoing buttons instead as they show me the changesets involved. After all the number of clicks is the same. It would be even helpful to allow the Push and Pull buttons to be disabled.

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