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During my daily use of TortoiseHg, I use the 'refresh' command regularly. I mostly use TortoiseHg on Windows and have got used to hitting 'F5' to refresh the commit window. If I work at home in the evening, I use Ubuntu (with Gnome) and the keyboard shortcut changes to 'Ctrl-R': F5 doesn't work. This is a bit of a pain. As far as I can tell, F5 isn't being used for anything else, so is there any reason for not supporting F5 as well as Ctrl-R (or even supporting both on all platforms)?

From having a quick browse of the source code, it looks like this stems from the shortcut being configured as QKeySequence.Refresh. According to the [[|Qt documentation for QKeySequence]], Refresh is F5 and Ctrl-R on Gnome and just F5 on every other platform. I'm therefore not sure why F5 doesn't work, although I might well be misunderstanding the way QKeySequence works.

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