Commit with subrepositories (--recurseinsubrepos=true)

Issue #2051 resolved
Andreas Kaempf
created an issue

When I change a file in a subrepo I hoped for that I could make a commit on my shell repo so that also the .hgsubstate is updated automatically. Therefore, I specified the --subrepos option in the commit dialog.

Unfortunately, even after pressing the refresh button in the commit dialog, the modified file in the subrepo is not showing up. When just clicking on Commit button, I consequently get a "No modified files checkmarked for commit" message.

It would be very beneficial to an easy subrepo workflow to sort this out.

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  1. Yuya Nishihara

    uh, cannot reproduce.

    Can you attach the repository as zip or something if it contains no confidential data?

    Also, please check if hg ci --subrepos works from command-line.

  2. Andreas Kaempf reporter

    Sorry, not possible to attach any data or I would have to set up some test repo first. Before posting this issue I already checked via 'hg ci --subrepos' on command line, that's why I think that this is really an issue of the TortoiseHg GUI and not of Mercurial itself. So, using hg on command line I see the modified files to be committed, but I cannot make TortoiseHg to show those files in the Commit dialog of my shell repo even after pressing the 'Refresh' button.

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