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Issue #2062 open

"Directory diff" button does not appear if "Diff to local" is used in another branch

Rainer Frisch
created an issue

If I mark two revisions (in two different branches) then use Visual Diff (by right click) I get a Visual Diffs window which shows all differential files and down right appears a button "Directory diff".

When I only mark one revision (in a different branch to local) and use Diff to local (by right click) I get the same Diff window without the "Directory diff" button.

Regradless which diff tool I set in the Settings. Maybe this occurs only if there are a lot of directory changes?

Comments (14)

  1. Rainer Frisch reporter

    I think I was able to reproduce the issue. The problem occured only when a ".doc" file or maybe another binär file has changed. After a revert of this file the used diff tool shows directly a directory diff.

  2. Nick Jackowski

    Until this is implemented, is there a command line workaround? Currently I am cloning my repo, updating to whatever revision I'm interested in and then comparing it to my local using my diff tool outside of workbench.

  3. Rainer Frisch reporter

    Seems to be still an issue in TortoiseHg 2.11 and extdiff does not help. "Diff to local" does not open a directory diff, if e.g. a '.docx' file has changed and some c-source files

  4. Rainer Frisch reporter

    Still an issue in vesrion 3.0 'Directory Diff' Button appears if a diff between two revisions is done: Visual diff two revisions.png 'Directory Diff' Button is missing if diff to local is done: Visual diff to local.png

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