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Issue #2070 resolved

"Annotate with revision numbers" link to revision

Anonymous created an issue

In "File history" / "Hg file log viewer" dialog, there is a very useful option "Annotate with revision numbers". Hovering over a certain line also shows some more information (user@revision:age "summary") in the statusbar. A further useful enhancement would be to turn the annotated revision numbers or the lines into links that select the relevant revision in the list. (Or add right-click menu entries to open the relevant revision in the workbench etc.)

Comments (8)

  1. Peter Suter

    Thanks for the hint! Not sure how I missed that. (Probably because I clicked in the whitespace beyond the end of the line, where this does not work.)

    Sorry for the noise.

  2. Peter Suter

    Just for reference, so to open the respective revision in the workbench one can: 1. Right-click the text on the line 2. Select "Annotate original revision" 3. Double-click the selected revision in the revision log / list above.

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