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Issue #2074 duplicate

Multiline descriptions in file history

Piotr Klecha
created an issue

Hg file log viewer displays only the first line of revision description, optionally with a '...' indicating there were more lines in that description. Yet, there is no way to view those missing lines in log viewer - the only option is to switch back to Thg workbench and find the appropriate revision. Log viewer should also display full descriptions, just like Thg workbench revision details.

Comments (5)

  1. Piotr Klecha reporter

    I was actually talking about File history window, but I see that Manifest widget also lacks full commit descriptions.

    It seems that RevPanel widget (that displays revision info like revision id, user, date, and so on) is used by many other widgets, but only Revision Details also displays the full commit message. Maybe commit message should be added to the RevPanel widget so it becomes available along with the rest of revision info?

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