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Issue #2078 on hold

Unapplied MQ patches with spaces in filenames display names incorrectly.

Anonymous created an issue

When viewing an unapplied MQ patch that contains a filename with spaces, the name is displayed incorrectly. I am using TortoiseHg 2.4.2 64-bit installer on 64-bit Windows 7.

To reproduce, create a database and a patch containing a filename with spaces.

hg init demo
cd demo
echo >"file name.txt"
hg ci -Am 1
hg qimport -r 0
hg qpop

When TortoiseHg comes up, click on the unapplied patch in the graph windows. Observe in the list of files in the patch it is displayed as "name.txt" not "file name.txt".

The patch will still apply correctly, so the error is just cosmetic.

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