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Always show activity bar at the bottom

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Currently, when doing a pull or push, TortoiseHg shows a green "activity bar" at the top of the UI, right below the toolbar. When the operation is completed, the bar disappears after the first click.

I have configured TortoiseHg to not do an update after pulling. Instead, I want to select the revision from hand and update manually. Unfortunately, when the pull is done and I want to click on the revision to update, the "activity bar" disappears and the revision graph shifts a bit. So I have to click again to select the desired revision.

It seems like it's generally a good idea to not move the UI elements in those cases (I haven't done any research, it just seems like common sense). If one would put the bar at the bottom, the UI would remain "stable" and the user wouldn't be disrupted and loses focus.

It's just a minor inconvenience, but would still be a nice-to-have and easy-to-implement. :-)

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  1. Steve Borho

    infobar: overlay infobar on top of revision graph (closes #2113)

    If infobar is inserted to the layout, it's inevitable to change the vertical position of the graph. Instead, this tries to overlay infobar like a tooltip.

    Now infobar isn't managed by the layout system, we need to track resize event manually.

    → <<cset 75b8761d9736>>

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