in Commit view, the key combination Ctrl+Shift+O does not work

Issue #2118 resolved
S. Heimberg
created an issue

In the context menu of a shown file in the commit view, there is an entry "Open" which opens the file with the assigned program. This works. But the key combination written there, Ctrl-Shift-O does not work.

For the same file, there is also an entry "Edit" with Ctrl-Shift-E. This does work.

I tested with the newest version 2.4.3

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  1. Steve Borho

    shortcuts: give Ctrl+Shift+L for openlocal (fixes #2118)

    Ctrl+Shift+O conflicts with "Show Repository Registry".

    This unifies the shortcut for openlocal (=openfile), and removes the shortcut from FilectxActions.editlocal, which was previously Ctrl+Shift+L.

    In manifest view, Ctrl+Shift+E, which is the shortcut for WctxActions.edit, is assigned not to editlocal, but to editfile action. I guess that's because the manifest view is intended to handle committed (non-local) data.


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