Repository Registry: Save layout on workbench close

Issue #2132 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

Would it be possible to save the layout of the Repository Registry when the workbench is closed? More specifically, if I have multiple group folders, it should remember which ones were expanded and which ones were closed. This way if you have a lot of repositories in multiple folder, you don't have to keep closing folder every time you open the workbench just to the bottom of the list.

The only time I could see that a folder would need to be expanded automatically, would be if you are opening the workbench for a repository that is in a closed folder from the previous session.

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  1. Mosaic Learning

    I have been wanting this for a while. Finally decided to see if an issue exists for this feature. My repository registry is huge. If TortoiseHg would remember its state, that would be superb.

    You have my vote!

  2. Douglas Kaden

    I'd sure like to have this feature, too. I have a lot of repositories in my registry, but most of them aren't used daily. It would be nice if the groups that are closed would still be closed next time I run thg, to reduce the clutter around what I'm focusing on.

  3. Wojciech Adamczyk

    Is there any chance of anybody working on this feature in the near future? I think I'm not the only one having ~400 repositories in my registry (~20 PHP Symfony2-based projects with ~20 own hg bundle vendor repos each easily allows to go beyond that number, and we're still doing new projects in my company)...

    This improvement would be a huge time-saver for me, as everytime I open thg, I have to remember what I had open. Not to mention having subfolders would help, but that is a separate issue.

  4. Yuya Nishihara

    repotreeitem: add utility to identify item by path-like string (refs #2132)

    itempath() provides human-readable unique identifier. Unlike RepoItem that has repository path, RepoGroupItem has no identifier suitable for use in QSettings.

    → <<cset 90d72975ad20>>

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