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Issue #2145 resolved

Bundle 64-bit pageant with 64-bit TortoiseHG

Zsolt Ero
created an issue

Pageant bundled with TortoiseHG 64-bit is 32-bit. It cannot recognise "user@" part in an URL, and keeps asking for user name. Replacing it with a 64-bit version fixes this issue. It's required for pushing using hg-git for example.

Use 64-bit Pageant from here, or compile one from sources: https://splunk.net/w/PuTTy64bit

Comments (6)

  1. Zsolt Ero reporter

    I'm talking about Pageant.exe. The one shipped is 139,264 bytes and is 32-bit. The one what works is 197,632 bytes and is 64-bit. Both of them are version 0.62.

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