Revision Details view should show renames

Issue #2146 open
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When viewing old revisions containing renames, TortoiseHg should show renames as a single entry and show it was renamed from X to Y.

Currently, there are two separate add/remove entries and no indication the two are related.

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  1. Gili reporter


    I'm aware of that, but if you invoke "hg diff --git -r first -r second" it'll collapse this information into a rename with a source and target path. We should display this information by default.

  2. Russell Hind

    I'd really like to see this to. Perhaps an option to switch between using hg diff and hg diff --git and then the UI so that renames can be displayed directly.

    Hg's handling of renames is one of the main reasons we're looking to move from Subversion.

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