File Rename bug when letter case changes

Issue #2152 resolved
Jamie Clayton
created an issue

Windows 7 x64 + Tortoisehg 2.4.1 doesn't generates an "is not tracked" message and adds files that have been renamed with a different letter casing to the commit untracked files. If you try and commit you get an error in the output log include the text //abort: {FILE NAME RENAMED TO DIFF CASE}: file not tracked! [command returned code 255 {COMMIT DATE}]//

The file with the old case exists in the REPO but HG is not detecting the change in file name case. E.G. iWindow.vb renamed to IWindow.vb isn't correctly detected as a file rename, rather found as an untracked file.

Similar to Issue #1521

Comments (9)

  1. Yuya Nishihara

    Okay, then, does it open TortoiseHg's rename dialog (see attached screenshot)?

    If not, could you attach the repository renamed by VisualHG, which cannot be committed by TortoiseHg ?

  2. Steve Borho

    This may be VisualHg's problem. Our rename dialog explicitly works around this hole in the Mercurial API. It renames the file first, then uses hg rename --after. Because otherwise hg rename doesn't work om this case.

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