Synchronize widget opens with a big delay

Issue #2153 resolved
Ruslan Yushchenko
created an issue

Hi, When the synchronization path list is filled with Windows network paths (e.g. \COMPUTER\Folder1\Folder2) that leads nowhere (i.e. computer is offline), the synchronization widget opens with a big delay.

I presume the synchronization paths are checked every time the widget opens and the delay is caused by a connection timeout. Maybe this check is not that necessary anyway?

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  1. Ruslan Yushchenko reporter

    Thank you for the tip. I tried it, but unfortunately disabling this option doesn't suppress the delay. I've also noticed that this delay appears only when the button is clicked for the first time once a particular repository is open. Subsequent clicks on that button opens the widget in instant.

  2. Ruslan Yushchenko reporter

    I tried to comment out this check, leaving only "known.add(path)". Interestingly, this removed delay from only one of two repos. It seems that there is another check responsible for the delay:

    Removing both checks had finally made this widget refresh instantly. I am not sure whatever the check is necessary anyway, because it seems commenting these lines affected nothing else.

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