Maybe 'Graph' column bug?

Issue #2177 invalid
Dmitry A
created an issue

My TortoiseHg show strange behaviour:

Clone stable local repositary, <hg clone stable stable1>

Add new commit to stable1-repo, <hg ci -m "New my tool build number">

Follow to 'stable'-folder <cd ..\stable>

Pulling new changesete from 'stable1'. <hg pull ..\stable1>


We are in 'stable'-folder

Open GUI-tool. Call 'TortoiseHG workbench' in context menu by right button of the mouse

See to 'graph'-column

Question: Why 'graph' show 2 blue lines for 'default' branch ?

I look at to 'rev'-column and see:

{{{ 111+ 112 111 }}}

Op. System: Win 7 Ultimate N x64 TortoiseHG : tortoisehg-2.5.0-hg-2.3.1-x64.msi

P.S.: Execuse me for my English...

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