assumes that /usr is writeable

Issue #2178 resolved
Kamil Kisiel
created an issue

This prevents installing in a different location or with a virtualenv.

Example from our installer: {{{ [localhost] out: creating /usr/share/nautilus-python [localhost] out: error: could not create '/usr/share/nautilus-python': Permission denied }}}

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  1. Yuya Nishihara

    I guess for POSIX environment is not well maintained.

    If you just want to install TortoiseHg to your private location, the easiest way is run thg script of the cloned repo.

  2. Kamil Kisiel reporter

    So what's the recommended way to install it then if not We are installing it to a virtualenv as part of a fabric deploy script. I simply patched to remove the nautilus script and it seems to work fine then, so if it shouldn't be distributed perhaps it should simply be removed and this issue will be solved.

  3. Yuya Nishihara

    setup: generate config module according to installation options (refs #2178)

    This patch moves the creation of to new build_config command so that it can peek build/install options. The installation paths should be calculated from --prefix and --root.

    → <<cset e8655ee7414d>>

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