TortoiseHg work bench can not add file with path or name contains Chinese character "育"

Issue #2183 resolved
Chen Yu Pao
created an issue

On x64 windows 7, the Tortoise Hg GUI will fail to add file which contains Chinese character "育", the error message as following: {{{ % hg add --repository D:\temp\chinese D:\temp\chinese.hgignore D:\temp\chinese\育.txt D:\temp\chinese\育/育.vsd abort: filename contains '|', which is reserved on Windows: '\xa8|.txt' [command returned code 255 Thu Oct 04 12:31:02 2012] }}}

but it can be successfully added in command line or on x86 windows.

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  1. Chen Yu Pao reporter

    Hi, After I enable win32mbcs extension, the error message change to this:

    % hg add --repository D:\temp\chinese D:\temp\chinese\.hgignore D:\temp\chinese\育.txt D:\temp\chinese\育/育.vsd
    abort: [win32mbcs] filename conversion failed with cp950 encoding
    [command returned code 255 Fri Oct 05 11:46:32 2012]

    And seems this problem only happends on windows 7 machine(both x86 & x64), on windows xp x86, it is fine if enable win32mbcs.

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