Error message remains even after new hg operation has been performed

Issue #2189 duplicate
Andreas Kaempf
created an issue

The error message popping up in the Revision History View area when a hg operation failed remains even after new hg operation has been performed.

I suggest to close it automatically as soon as a new operation is performed.

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  1. Andreas Kaempf reporter

    For example: The error shown above occured. I set the option --subrepos and committed again. The commit was successfull, but the error message still remains there.

    abort: uncommitted changes in subrepo PLANT
    hint: use --subrepos for recursive commit
    [command returned code 255 Tue Oct 09 11:26:11 2012]
    committed changeset 58:3a6b83e5ce00
    [command completed successfully Tue Oct 09 11:26:25 2012]
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