Ignored files are automatically checked when adding files

Issue #2191 open
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This bug relates to #1580 which as been marked as resolved.

I can confirm this issue happens on the latest version 2.5.1.

If I do a "Add Files..." from the root of the Repository, ignored files are correctly unchecked. But, if I do a "Add Files..." from a sub-folder of the repository, then ignored files are checked as well, which should not be the case.

I've attached a screenshot that demonstrates the problem.

I'm testing Hg and Git as a possible substitutes of SVN, and this only happens with TortoiseHg. All other Tortoise* do not automatically check ignored files.

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  1. Steve Borho

    The dialog is assuming that since you are giving it a list of files to add (the folder), that you want to override the ignore filter. Perhaps it should also check whether the provided file is actually a folder, in which case the ignore filter should still be respected?

  2. Pointstone reporter

    Yes, I think that would be the correct behavior. If selecting the base repo folder and selecting add files, the ignore filter will be respected. Only if you select a sub-folder of the repo would this issue happen. So either check if we are adding a folder and if so apply the ignore filter or simply always apply the ignore filter when adding files. If the user needs to actually add a file on the ignore filter, he can manually select it if needed.

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