Diff action in commit pane for MQ patch is unhelpful

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Anonymous created an issue

I occasionally use MQ to clean up some local changesets, and while doing that I want to review some file changes in the patch so far. I typically prefer to use an external diff tool over the diff format shown in the commit tab, so I habitually double-click the file I'm interested in comparing. Unfortunately, when I do so for a file in the currently applied MQ patch, a dialog titled "No file changes" with the text "There are no file changes to view" is shown.

It makes sense that MQ patches are treated somewhat differently, but it's particularly frustrating that I can't easily view the changes in my current patch.

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  1. Steve Borho

    Interesting. it would be possible to apply the patch for that one file in a temp folder and then launch the visual diff tool. Error handling would be adventurous, but it could theoretically work.

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