'Commit', ' 'Update' and/or 'Merge' buttons in the main toolbar

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Ruslan Yushchenko
created an issue

First of all, thank you guys for the great work you've done to TortoiseHG! I just enjoy version 2.0.

I'd like to make a suggestion that you might find useful. Update, commit and merge are such a common operations that it might be worth to put corresponding buttons to the main toolbar. For example, to update to a revision one has to right click on it. But Mercurial itself has a great simplification of commands, like 'hg update' which by default update work directory to the tip of the current branch.

Operations like 'hg incoming' and 'hg push' are already in the toolbar. Making the 'Update' button would make following repositories two-click actions (pull, then update).

The same with 'Merge' button. It is often obvious which heads should be merged and which head would be the first parent. It fits very well to the Mercurial use patterns.

Commit button is the one I less certain of. Commit action in TortoiseHg is very simple as it is. Maybe such a button would make common Mercurial operation set more complete though (Commit, pull, merge, update).

One again, it is only a suggestion and, please, sorry if it is not useful or doesn't feet the design concept.

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  1. Adrian Buehlmann

    The new update button is in the revdetails widget (lower half of log viewer when a changeset has been selected).

    This new update button is not exactly what Ruslan suggested. It updates to the revision shown in the revdetails widget.

    I think Ruslan was talking about an equivalent of command line "hg update", which updates the working directory to the tip of the current named branch. This feature is still missing.

    I think a button in the main toolbar which does a plain "hg update" might be useful. It would be a bit special to update to a revision which the user hasn't yet selected though. Maybe an additional confirmation step might be useful, something like Yuya is working on for push:


    The point is, the current update dialog does not show the revision details of the target revision.

  2. Steve Borho

    I think I like the idea of update and merge toolbar buttons that mimic the default command line behavior of those commands. We already have a commit button in the task tab toolbar.

  3. Yuya Nishihara

    workbench: add default merge action to main menu and toolbar (closes #222)

    "Merge" is common operation in DVCS, which should be easily accessible from the workbench.

    This action executes "hg merge --preview" to obtain the default target revision. If there are more than one heads, it will refuse to open the merge dialog. It would be nice if eventually "hg merge --preview" can be ported to the merge wizard.

    → <<cset 242dc2c6c556>>

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