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Issue #2258 open

Don't show the add files dialog when adding only a few files

Jason McKesson
created an issue

When right-clicking a file to add it to Hg, it's really annoying to have to click through a dialog box at the same time. It would be preferable to only show the dialog when adding more than a few files. Like say, more than 5.

This could be an option of some sort.

Comments (4)

  1. Jason McKesson reporter
    • changed status to open

    This doesn't really fix the issue. My suggestion was to make it display the dialog for large additions of files. I want the dialog when I'm shoving an entire directory at Hg, so that I can inspect the list. But if I right-click on a file and add it, I don't want to see the dialog, since it's just one file.

    In short, I want what the title says: "only a few files".

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