Mixing annotate and revision history windows in a single interface (or "time-lapse view")

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David Vega
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Today I discovered one thing I actually like from the Perforce client and this is the time-lapse view:


Essentially, it mixes TortoiseHg's annotate and revision-history windows when analyzing a file and gives it a nifty slider to browse through the file history.

Now, there is a little more to the slider. This slider has three modes:

  • Single revision: lets you browse one revision at a time and pretty much recreate the file history revision by revision.
  • Incremental: lets you browse whatever change with respect to the previous one.
  • Multiple: Lets you browse the differences between whatever from and to revisions you choose.

You could also see this feature as adding a better way to browse through the history between revisions in the annotate window.

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  1. André Sintzoff

    As far I understand, TortoiseHg offers already a similar interface.

    In the file log viewer (thg log filename or right-click on a filename and File History), you are able to browse through the history of one file.

    To get "single revision" mode, select the annotate view. For the "incremental" one, select the diff view.

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