Assertion with new files, #if and german umlaut

Issue #2268 duplicate
Sören Weber
created an issue

Tortoise 2.5.1 crashes with an assertion if trying to show differences of certain files.

  • Create new file "test.h" (ascii encoded, local codepage)
  • Write the line "#if // ü" into the file, save
  • Open Workbench, Commit-View, try to click on "test.h" to see the differences -> Assertion
   Program: D:\Programme\TortoiseHg\thgw.exe
   File: ..\lexlib\CharacterSet.h
   Line: 62
   Expression: val >= 0

No assertion comes, if certain parts of the text is changed:

  • ommitting the "#"
  • ommitting the "if"
  • changing from an umlaut to an ascii character

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