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I've installed TortoiseHG on a new computer.

When i right-click on a folder thru windows explorer, there's an item "TortoiseHG" with several menu items under it like: Add Files, Revert Files, Rename File, Forget File, etc...

On my new computer, under TortoiseHG, all what i see is a bunch of Asian characters!

I cannot say if it's an issue of this version, or something related to the PC. My old PC has a french OS with TortoiseHG 2.4.2 and it was working great. My new PC got an english OS (windows 7) with TortoiseHG 2.5.1.

I've joined a snapshot to the issue

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  1. cdebel2005 reporter

    Additionnal information: I've just checked at the Event Viewer, and here's the result of the installation. The code 1033 is for English United State according to this article ( So i still doesn't understand why i get Asian characters in the shell extension.

    Windows Installer installed the product. Product Name: TortoiseHg 2.5.1 (x64). Product Version: 2.5.1. Product Language: 1033. Manufacturer: Steve Borho and others. Installation success or error status: 0.

  2. cdebel2005 reporter

    I've found out that under c:\program files\TortoiseHg\i18n\cmenu, a bunch of registries files exist there. Some of these registries are responsible for the Shell Extension. So i've double-clicked thg-cmenu-en_US.reg to import them, and now i've got the menu in english.

    So that's a patch for everyone who got this problem, but if anyone responsible for the development can take a look at the installation script, it would be nice to solve this problem.

  3. cdebel2005 reporter

    Yes it's a fresh installation.

    The only thing i've made is Creating my Raid 0 Volume, then installed Windows 7 Home Premium, then did some Windows updates, then installed few other softwares but i did not installed TortoiseHG before on this machine.

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