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Issue #2276 resolved

Cannot change case of filename filter when pressing [return]

Anonymous created an issue

If I enter the file filter like this...

file("glob:CrmModule/doc/update scripts/*company")

... and than try to correct it into "Company" with a capital C, when I press the return key, TortoiseHG will return the text to previous content, with a lower C (I suppose that it finds I already entered the text before, but does a case insensitive search). If I click on the magnifying glass, though, it works as expected. (Not a major bug but somewhat frustrating if you don't know about this workaround).

Now, the reason I had to change the filter is because the filtering is case sensitive, should it be?

TortoiseHG version: 2.6 (also tried it with 2.5, behaves the same way) Operating system: Windows 7 Pro 32-bit with region/language set to Serbian

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