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Issue #2297 wontfix

Cloning to incorrect revision

Roger Amstell
created an issue

I'm trying to clone a project to a specific revision, but when I examine what's been cloned its not the revision I requested.

The latest revision of the project is 88 and I'm requesting revision 85, but its cloning to revision 75.

See attached document.

Comments (2)

  1. Yuya Nishihara

    Maybe because the remote repository is not linear. If you specify a revision to clone, only ancestors of that revision are cloned.

    For example, hg clone -r4 of the following repo does not contain b18c221c18fe and 50b90f01fa48. So the tip revision of the cloned repo is 2.

    @  4 tip :1 06b812cca459
    | o  3 50b90f01fa48
    | |
    | o  2 b18c221c18fe
    o  1 f7993b763560
    o  0 028700e11ad3
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