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Issue #2303 closed

Context meny appearance delay

created an issue


There is a noticable delay before context menu appearance in commit dialog. I've found that this delay depends on a project size (number of files?). I have several handred thousands files and folders in the project, about 20Gb, Mercurial directory is excluded from search index and is installed on SSD drive.

What causes this delay?

Many thanks in advance, Dmitriy Iassenev

Comments (3)

  1. iassenev reporter

    hmm, hg status may take quite a while...

    then I could make a proposal:

    save last "hg status" info and then show context menu using this info

    to advance this behavior, you may watch changes for files mentioned in "hg status" and call "hg status" only when user calls context menu on items which were changed since last "hg status"

    this would save time for large projects, since "hg status" may take several seconds

    actually, even without the last advancement it is unlikely that user expects correct menu if he/she didn't call refresh button or calls menu when hg or other programs are performing operations on repository working copy. in that case it would be ok if menu will have operations which were valid in the last hg status, but are not valid right now. This situation, perhaps, is quite rare, but now we have several seconds penalty each time we use context menu.

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