Graft: Support all command line options in the GUI

Issue #2328 resolved
Martin Rieser
created an issue

At least #2222 --edit, --currentdate and --user (=username of the person who does the GRAFT) would be very helpfull.


-r, --rev   revisions to graft
-c, --continue  resume interrupted graft
-e, --edit  invoke editor on commit messages
--log   append graft info to log message
-D, --currentdate
    record the current date as commit date
-U, --currentuser
    record the current user as committer
-d, --date  record the specified date as commit date
-u, --user  record the specified user as committer
-t, --tool  specify merge tool
-n, --dry-run   do not perform actions, just print output

Comments (12)

  1. Angel Ezquerra

    I'm ok with adding a checkbox for --log, but I don't think it should be default, since it is not the default mercurial behavior.

    That being said, we could perhaps remember the last user choice.

  2. Angel Ezquerra

    In my opinion the use case of the --edit flag is already covered by the current graft functionality plus the amend functionality, so I don't think supporting the --edit flag is necessary.

  3. Yuya Nishihara

    Because that is how hg graft works. We shouldn't open a full editor. Instead, we'll have to intercept a edit() request in command process and inject a commit message edited by GUI process.

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