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Issue #2329 duplicate

Horribly slow while showing unapplied MQ patches on network locations

Anton M
created an issue

I work primarily on [intra] network repositories in order to share the same working copies among several lab machines with very different environments. TortoiseHG is not quite good working over the network in whole (I'd ask pay more attention to these issues) but the most distracting problem that I experience is that thg hangs while refreshing a view with unapplied (grey) MQ patches. It works well enough when the gray lines are scrolled away. I'd filter them out (using only patch queue view) but it seems not possible or not trivial at least. Please fix the speed of the screen refreshing while unapplied patches are shown. And recommend how to remove them from repository view meanwhile.

Comments (5)

  1. Anton M reporter

    Thanks a lot for the fast reply! I confirm, it removes unapplied patches from the revision graph and accordingly the slowness while scrolling it. A minor note, that it affects entire workbench even if applied for a specific repository (and it was opened) - not a problem for me however. Thanks again!

  2. Yuya Nishihara

    In that case, you can change _nullgrapher a bit:

    def _nullgrapher(orig, repo):
        if repo.root == 'fullpath_of_your_repository': # or repo.root.lower().startswith('z:'), etc.
            return []
            return orig(repo)
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