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Christopher Gross
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Other Tortoise clients allow the user to switch the set of overlay icons.

TortoiseSVN comes with several icon sets. TortoiseGit can use those sets if TortoiseSVN is present.

In an ideal world, TortoiseHg would either be able to also use those icon sets or deliver them on its own.

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  1. Christopher Gross reporter

    Oh, thank you! I didn't think of changing that option in TSVN since I mainly work with THG. I just couldn't find a setting in THG to change those icons, so I assumed it's not possible. Maybe we should add a line in the explorer extension settings explaining that you need to change the icons in the TSVN settings?

  2. Fish Code

    I think this issue could either be closed as solved, or be transformed into a "Wish" to incorporate a similar setting/function to change overlay icons set as TSVN.

    Or even better: since both THg and TSVN are relying on the same "Tortoise icon set", THg team could work tightly with TSVN team to make a common module such that whichever THg or TSVN is installed first in a computer, this common module is installed and later Tortoise does not need to install it again.

  3. dreadnaut

    Suggesting to install an additional version control package to configure the icon set used by THG is an easy solution, but is probably going to confuse users —and overkill, in my opinion.

    The cleanest way would be to have a small configuration tool as part of TortoiseOverlays, but the maintainers of TSVN and TortoiseOverlays would have no interest in writing one: they already have a way to change set.

    I would leave this issue open as a feature request for THG. In the meanwhile, you could upgrade the default set maybe, so we wouldn't have to switch it for another one :)

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