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Issue #2343 duplicate

Amend fails if the current changeset contains deletes (removed files)

Anonymous created an issue

To reproduce: create clean temp repo, in my example "t". Add 3 files "a", "b", "c". Commit. Revision "0" is created.

Delete "a" and "b", commit, revision "1" is created. This revision removes 2 files.

% hg commit --repository D:\t --verbose --user Valters Vingolds <valters.vingolds@exigenservices.com> --message=delete a b -- D:\t\a D:\t\b
committed changeset 1:cc0f14d784c1
[command completed successfully Tue Jan 08 11:43:30 2013]

Modify "c". Try to "Amend" the current revision, by adding the changes in "c".

Following output is produced by TortoiseHg:

% hg commit --repository D:\t --verbose --user Valters Vingolds <valters.vingolds@exigenservices.com> --message=delete a b --amend -- D:\t\c D:\t\a D:\t\b
amending changeset cc0f14d784c1
abort: a: Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden
[command returned code 255 Tue Jan 08 11:44:06 2013]

Maybe this is not TortoiseHg fault, maybe "--amend" is somehow broken by hg. Or maybe TortoiseHg is not passing the correct command line to hg? In any case, "Amend" functionality in TortoiseHg is broken if the changeset contains deleted files. Please also see attached screenshot.

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