qpush and qpop should support the option --keep

Issue #2345 resolved
S. Heimberg
created an issue

The mq operations should support the option --keep. This option is very useful for applying and unapplying patches when there are changes in the working directory. The patch is applied when the files to patch are unmodified. (look for --keep in hg help qpush)

My proposal is to show a dialogue when the normal operation fails allowing the user to abort or try with the option --keep. There could even be a next level asking the user if he wants to use --force. But this seems unsafe for me. Manually rejecting or shelving is probably better.

This should be applied for

  • icons in the mq widget

    • qpush and qpop
    • qpush --all and qpop --all
  • in the log widget

    • on double click (= qgoto)
    • on qgoto parent in context menu of an applied patch
    • on goto in context menu of an unapplied patch

By the way, mq operations should not fail silently: #2165

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