Checked files in commit file list reset on refresh

Issue #2376 resolved
Tom Hartland
created an issue

The file list on the commit screen has Modified, Removed and Added files checked as default. If you change the original selection and click refresh, the default files are checked again, losing the selection changes.

Screen shot shows the default file selection at the top, modified file selection in the middle, I then added a new file into the directory structure so clicked refresh, and the bottom shows the defaulted list with the new file.

I have just upgraded from 2.3.2, and this didn't not happen in that version.

(Just noticed the new "Amend" feature which also has it's own default set of checked files... I guess this bug has been introduced with the new feature)

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  1. Tom Hartland reporter

    Thanks for the response Steve. I'm unaware of using any extensions - I simply have THG 2.6.2 installed (the only difference is that I did not include the languages/translation options during the installation process). I'm a very basic user, with next-to-no Mercurial knowledge or experience. If you need a list, let me know how I can produce one and I will post it back here

  2. Tom Hartland reporter

    I've just refreshed a non-default selection list, and the list DID remain as it should have done. So I tried switching to "Amend" mode and then back to "Commit" mode... now when I change the selection and refresh it defaults back to the original list. Hope that helps

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