Workbench Add Largefiles Issue

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When right clicking on a file on the changed file list view within the workbench and selecting add Largefiles... the file in question is not added as a large file it is added as a normal file.

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  1. laverysa reporter

    I was using 2.4.3 when I noticed this however I did upgrade to the latest release 2.6.2 and reproduced the issue to make sure this issue had not been resolved in a newer release.

  2. laverysa reporter

    This was an existing repository, however I have tried a new repository this morning (leaving the compatible with <1.7 unchecked) and then same issue is still reproducible.

  3. muse_ee

    I'm also having this issue (I was just about to file a new issue report). If I launch the Add widget from Windows Explorer context menu and use the Add Largefiles button the file is added as a largefile.

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