Open new Workbench by drag-and-drop of repository tab (as in Chrome)

Issue #2412 open
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In version 2.6.2, when I attempt to launch multiple instances of the application I end up with multiple tabs inside the same application.

I'd like to be able to run multiple instances in order to split the display across multiple monitors or even across the same monitor (left/right half of screen).

The tab UI makes it difficult to compare related repository graphs.

This is somewhat of a regression because we used to be able to launch multiple instances in the past.

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  1. Gili reporter

    That did it. Thank you.

    I wish you could implement something more user friendly, like chrome, where I can drag a tab out of the window in order to indicate it should create its own window. It's not very obvious for a user to go digging in the Settings dialog for this.

  2. Gili reporter

    Instead of resolving this issue, can you please leave it as an enhancement request for making this feature more intuitive? No one is going to know about --newworkbench or the Settings option without a lot of digging. Dragging tabs out of the window is a lot more intuitive.

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