Shelve Extension looses executable bit

Issue #2414 resolved
Nikolaus Rath
created an issue

The shelve extension sometimes deletes the executable bit when shelving parts of files. Testcase:

mkdir test
cd test
cat <<EOF > testfile
Line 1

Line 2

Line 3

Line 4
chmod +x testfile
hg init
hg add testfile
hg commit -m "Initial import."
cat <<EOF > testfile
Line 1

Line 3

Line 4

Line 5
thg commit 


  1. Click on "open shelve tool"
  2. Select the first chunk (removal of "Line 2")
  3. Click on > to move the chunk to a shelv
  4. Close shelve tool, exec mode is now lost
  5. Reopen the shelve tool
  6. Apply the chunk from the shelf
  7. Close the shelve tool
  8. Exec mode is still lost

I think the exec bit should never be touched by shelve at all.

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