All text in Workbench diff pane has strikeout line

Issue #2442 resolved
Steve Hoelzer
created an issue

After using Workbench for a while, all text in the diff pane gets a strikeout line. See attached screenshot. Everything functions normally, but the only way I can get rid of it is to quit and restart Workbench. This is in v2.7.

(I'll be surprised if this is not a duplicate, but I tried searching and couldn't find it.)

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  1. Steve Hoelzer reporter

    Thanks for the link. I like this new feature now that I know, but I was completely confused. I'm a pretty competent THG user, so that's not a good thing...

    I'm really glad there is an option to "mark excluded changes", because I think strike-out is too much. I want that text to still be easily readable so I can quickly review my pending commit. If I were in charge, I would get rid of the option and never strike-out text.

  2. Steve Hoelzer reporter

    Yes, I would certainly prefer having "Mark excluded changes" off by default. But I think it would be even better to get rid of that option completely. It's just too hard to read. The background color changes to gray and I think that's enough for a visual indication.

  3. Yuya Nishihara

    fileview: disable strikeout of excluded chunks by default (refs #2442)

    I heard several people saying that strikeout text is hard to read, when they try to pick out chunks to include. It seems gray background is very nice and obvious enough to denote excluded changes.

    → <<cset 3ff03854a184>>

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