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Issue #2445 invalid

push aborted: "no such file or directory"

Petr Kulikov
created an issue

Version I use: TortoiseHg version 2.7 with Mercurial-2.4.2+20130203, Python-2.7.3, PyQt-4.9.6, Qt-4.8.4

System: Win7, 64bit

I push several times to the repository on the network drive and every time I get the same error of "No such file or directory: <path to file>.ext"

Every time <path to file> is the same, but 'ext' is different, for example: .i-q7yinh .i-tgppc0 .i-yybl3w

So, it looks that somehow the program searches for temporary file with some strange extension that is different every push. Why?

log at Output window: % hg --repository <local repository> push <global repository> pushing to <global repository> searching for changes adding changesets adding manifests adding file changes transaction abort! rollback completed abort: No such file or directory: <path to file>._resources._designer.cs.i-w1shhl [command returned code 255 Wed Feb 27 10:58:14 2013]

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